Norman and Mary, County Donegal

Dear Joe, Margret,

Just a quick line to you to say how happy we are now that you at Buyers agent are now managing our property portfolio in Dublin, It is now a great relief to know you are looking after our property, as before it was always a trip the whole way from Donegal to fix all the problems that occur, and now its only a phone call and everything just gets sorted out magically with great professionalism, once again guys thank you again, for all your great help in taking great care of our portfolio and I would gladly recommend you to anyone If they need help managing property in Dublin.

Best Regards,

Norman & Mary

Brian & Karen, Dubai

We have worked with Margaret at the Buyers agent for a number of years now. Her assistance and market insights provided with our Dublin property investment have been invaluable. The personal service provided from initial search stage, right up to bringing the property to market and managing the tenancy is seamless, professional and efficient. We would highly recommend Margaret and her team.

G.V. Germany

I was looking to expand my property portfolio a few years ago and felt that Dublin might be attractive because of the strong rental yields available. However, since I've never lived in Ireland and didn't know the local property market well, I had no idea where to start. I decided to contact Buyer's Agent via email and quickly had Margaret on the phone. She gave me a helpful overview of opportunities in the market and walked me trough the buying process. Following this, I formally engaged Buyer's Agent for a first property search, and within a week or two they had found an eminently suitable one. A bit later I engaged them for a second search. Both properties required upgrading and furnishing, which Margaret managed for me as well (in a very tasteful and cost-effective way!). Both properties were let out quickly to reliable tenants. Management of the tenancies has gone well too, with the occasional problem followed up on swiftly and with minimal hassle. In short, great job!

Nora from Egypt.

Thank you so much for taking care of our property in Dublin. You are really so efficient. Because you solve all problems quickly and flawlessly, I no longer have to worry about our apartment when I'm overseas. I'm so glad The Buyer's Agent were recommended to me.

Tom and Mary McHale Ballina Mayo

The Buyers agent has made our lives so much easier. Our property is on the other side of the country from where we live. There is peace of mind in knowing that our property is in safe hands. It is so important to have a company that chooses tenants with great due care and attention. This will save you money in the long run. Joe and Margaret provide a professional service and are great to work with.

Justine, Australia

With the benefit of hindsight, I can't even imagine how we thought we'd be able to buy, redecorate, furnish and let a house in Dublin without the brilliant Mags. We are lucky that having finally found a desirable property after months scouring the internet from our lounge room in Australia, my husband had the good sense to google 'buyers agent ireland' and, being impressed the first listing was a woman, call; we have had dealing with real estate agents in his native Ireland in the past and found the area to be largely inhabited by slow-moving male dinosaurs still inhabiting a bygone era. So Mags was a complete breath of fresh air and her knowledge, diligence and professionalism, energy, eye for decor and all-round fabulousness made the whole experience a pleasure rather than an ordeal. There is a drink on us next time we are in town!

Paul O'Sullivan, Germany

As an investor, The Buyer's Agent was simply indispensible in the process of buying the right apartment, in the right location, and crucially, at the right price. They listened carefully to my needs and advised me accordingly, providing a full solid gold service right up to the successful and very quick rental and management of the property I had acquired. Helped by their vast experience in bidding for properties, as well as essential local knowledge and networks, the Buyer's Agent not only could introduce me to properties which had not yet been officially advertised, but crucially also advised me when it was no longer reasonable - in terms of value - to continue bidding for a property - something which would have been difficult to judge when working alone. I couldn't have done it without them, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a property, home or investment.

Fiona, Dublin

The buyers agent has been fantastic to work with. From finding and negotiating the sale of the right property to getting it rented. They have been a pleasure to work with every step of the way. A professional, friendly and personal service at all stages. They helped negotiate the best price to purchase and then rented it quickly and at the best rental rate for the area. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

K.A, Hollystown

The Buyer's Agent saved my sanity! I chose the Buyer's Agent following a recommendation from a friend. The Buyer's Agent are simply amazing. They take the stress and hassle out of moving and literally do everything for you. My husband works overseas and I honestly could not have purchased my new home were it not for the Buyer's Agent. Margaret Penrose not only looked after everything but when things were not going well she kept the information I needed to know to a minimum, thus preventing me from worrying even more.

Karen did everything from contacting and negotiating with the builder to coming out to the house with me and offering guidance on colours, tiles, decor etc. Karen, due to her extensive experience in the property market was able to negotiate with the builder in a way that I would never have been and saved us a lot of money. As a Buyer's Agent Karen also has access to excellent workmen and it was through Karen that I found the people to put in my kitchens and wardrobes, a painter, an excellent quantity survery and all safe in the knowledge that they were the best out there. Karen even set up our ESB, GAS and refuse bin accounts.

Karen and her team's professionalism is second to none and Karen's sense of humour carried me through many a challenging day.

I would absolutely recommend The Buyer's Agent as the small fee is worth every penny for peace of mind and not to mention the savings in negotiating extras with the builder. The Buyer's Agent is the only way to go if you are thinking of buying a property.

P.J., Co Kildare

I would like to thank you most sincerely for all the good work you did for us in securing these 2 properties. I have no doubt we will be in touch again

SB, Clontarf

Your efforts in getting us this house have not gone unnoticed. We know we could not have got it without you.

O.McC. Foxrock

Just a quick note of thanks for all your hard work to get us our house! Coming from New York City we found the Dublin real estate market very daunting and your team was amazing at sourcing the best properties on the market in the locations we desired. You saved us untold time in your tireless pre-vetting of potential houses and through access to your network of real estate professional. Your negotiating skills were always spot on - saving us €40 thousand off the guide price of our property. You’re a rock star - I can't imagine buying property here without you! Thanks again!

J.R., Italy

Anybody buying a house will know the role of the selling agent in maximising the price attained for the vendor. This is a long established practice and well accepted - but it can be a minefield unless you're a property professional. Whilst, the buying agent is a new concept, I cannot recommend it strongly enough - as it helped to get me the inside track on the best way to close the deal on the property we wanted. As the amount of money involved for the buyer and the seller is the same, why shouldn't the buyer avail of professional services? A relatively small fee, gives you peace of mind that you're getting in and closing as quick as possible, when you find what you're looking for. In my opinion, its money well spent - and in the minefield of property selling professionals, money smartly invested.

M.D., Blackrock, Dublin

If, in the rarefield world of property dealing, it is possible to do business with such simplicity and efficiency, we should export your talent to advise Bush in America. We are delighted with the house. Many thanks again!

A.K., Ringsend, Dublin

Finally the deal has been put to bed and I’ll be getting the keys on Friday morning. You thankfully straightened out all sorts of unforeseen difficulties. Thanks for your help – I know it wouldn’t have happened without you.


I write to you as your professionalism in the negotiations you undertook on our behalf was, and is, very much appreciated. It has not gone unnoticed within the association that our new property was purchased well below guide price and our project management team have stated what an excellent job you did for us.

John Holohan, IBM, UK

Living and working in London, it was critical for me that I could keep the amount of time I spent looking for a flat in Dublin to a minimum. Having seen a number of flats that friends and family had bought previously, I had a good idea of my requirements, both in specification and location. I gave these to Karen and in a number of days, she had secured me a flat which matched my requirements exactly. So much so that I was able to purchase the flat unseen on the strength of pictures and floorplans. I have easily recouped the finder's fee in flights saved, not needing to take time off work and most importantly, finding the perfect flat without months of trudging from show house to show house for months on end.

Sean Fitzpatrick. Managing Partner, OSK Accountants & Business Consultants

I had been searching for a house in the D3/ D5 area for several months but hadn't really firmed on exact specificiations. I had even requirements from me regarding location, proximity to schools & services, accomodation, style of house, living area requirements. Karen went one step further and contacted my wife (to check the story!) and verify several other important issues.

Within one day Karen called us to look at a house that wasn't yet on the market but was about to be. Karen organised a preliminary viewing with the agent. My wife couldn't attend the first viewing so Karen took digital photo's (with permission from owners/agent) and emailed me immediately. Karen quickly established the real asking price and put us in position to make an acceptable offer. Meanwhile Karen arranged a second viewing for all the family and highlighted the various features and issues. ... We made the offer and we had an acceptance within 3 hours! ..

The service continued - Karen prepared a full information pack on the area (we were moving from quite a distance) and all the services relevant to us and our children and sent it to my wife. The house we bought is far more suitable than the one's we had made offers on - We were delighted with the service and would recommend it to it to anybody looking for a new home

Keith Bowen, First Time Buyer. Consultant Chemical Engineer

As a Consultant Chemical Engineer to the pharmaceutical industry, I have been working on large scale manufacturing projects for a number of years. These projects involved travel to the UK and US, sometimes for a couple of months at a time. When in Ireland, I spent all my spare time searching for a home in both Cork and more recently Dublin without any success.

I bid on private treaty houses, tried buying apartments on launch day and even went to a few auctions in Dublin, but couldn't buy the home I wanted. Then I returned to the UK for a few months with work and was beginning to give up hope!

When I heard about The Buyers' Agent, I was delighted and phoned up immediately to find out how the service worked. From a hotel room in the UK, I described my perfect place to live (I thought it was a pipe dream) and the areas that I was interested in. Within a couple of months I was the owner of a period red brick house on my favourite residential street in Dublin City and at a bargain price, which I am still amazed by! If I had only known sooner about The Buyers' Agent, I would have saved myself even more time, money and heartache!

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